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Are you looking for a fast and reliable courier, or simply want to learn more about sending parcels to Sweden? Here, we will discuss everything you might need to know when sending a parcel to the home of ABBA, Zlatan and IKEA. As a top postage service provider, we aim to make the international delivery process as stress-free and as easy on your wallet as possible - with up to 80% discounts on some services! Our customer service team also strives to provide the very best service on the market! So, take a look at our quick quote builder above and see how much money you can save on your delivery to Sweden!

High-quality, low-cost shipping to Stockholm, Gothenburg and beyond

With heavily discounted prices of up to 80% less than other service providers, there is no need to break the bank if you want to send a parcel to a loved one or customer. With our wide range of couriers, our quick quote tool above can instantly scan through a large pool of quotes allowing you to tailor the perfect shipping method for you. Below, you can find some of our partners we work closely with.

With international deliveries, another concern that often gets raised amongst potential senders is the delivery times. The logistics often seem daunting from the outside, however our couriers have been established within the postal industry for many years. This actively demonstrates they have had many years to build a great network allowing your parcel to be delivered quickly and reliably.

Flexible delivery services for Sweden

We can be just as flexible with our international delivery services as we are with our services within the UK. What do we mean by flexible? If the person who is receiving your parcel isn't home we can be flexible by providing a local pick-up service which is offered during the process of booking your shipment. The local pick-up service means we can have your package delivered to a local pick up point where your recipient can then collect the package in their own time. Alternatively, we can have the parcel delivered directly to their door.

Postage rates for Sweden

When booking your postage, the main factor that determines the cost of shipment is the weight of the parcel. Below you will find some examples of different weights and the cost attached to them. To get more exact pricing, refer to the quote builder where you will input the exact weight and dimension of the package.

Prices from £23.49

Parcel Weight:



From £23.49


From £24.04


From £28.18

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Useful information for sending parcels to Sweden

Please find the industry-related tips worth following when sending a parcel to Sweden:

How to write the address for deliveries to Sweden

Just like any international delivery, you will need to follow certain rules when addressing a parcel entering the country. This will avoid any delivery issues in the future. Please find an example of an address to follow:

  • Martin Holden [Full name]
  • Gyllenkrooksgatan 1 [Street name + house number]
  • 412 84 GÖTEJURN [Postal code + city/town]
  • SWEDEN [Country name]

How to package parcels

To avoid any disappointment with damage to the contents of your parcel, you are expected to package the parcel securely. Below, you can find some information on what you can do to ensure there is zero or minimal wear and tear during transit.

  • - Use boxes that are at an appropriate size to ensure there is no open space
  • - If there is open space, then use filler such as air pockets and packing peanuts.
  • - If you have a valuable or fragile item, use protective packaging materials. (i.e bubble wrap).
  • - Be generous when taping up your package.

Details on specific couriers

Below, you can find courier-specific information that may relate to your package.

Use the quick quote system above to obtain your quote.

Many of our companies allow a collection or drop off service.
Please click here to use our Drop Off Point locator to find your nearest one and opening times

Protect your parcel up to the value of £2,500 on top of the standard £50 transit cover.

Parcelforce Europe

  • This is a road service operating into the majority of European countries.
  • European parcel delivery in typically 2-4 working days at a lower cost than air express services.  
  • Parcelforce have a maxium parcel weight of 30KG.
  • Electronic "Proof of delivery" to ensure your parcel reaches it's intended recipient.
  • £50 of transit cover included as standard.
  • Extra Cover is available up to a value of £2,500 to fully protect your parcels and cost of postage. 
  • Transit times are slower than air express services but at a much cheaper price.
  • Along with full online tracking, SMS delivery notification is available.
  • Why wait in for a collection? You can drop your consignment off at any Parcelforce depot or Post Office.
  • Collections available from any UK address - usually available the same day (if booked before midday) .


  • Landmark deliver to almost any desitination worldwide.
  • This is a two-legged service - your parcels travel to our hub in Kent, then are checked and forwarded to thier destination with Landmark.
  • Cost-effective service delivering parcels into Europe and worldwide.
  • Standard parcel cover of £50, which is upgradeable to £2500 with our extra cover.
  • Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric restrictions do however apply.
  • Online tracking for both legs of your parcel.
  • Choose to have your parcel collected, or drop it off at a drop-off point.
  • Economy service - transit times are significantly higher than express services, but at a much lower cost.

DHL Road Service

  • Road courier service into mainland Europe.
  • Additional Parcel Extra Cover available up to £2500.00.
  • Suitable for parcels up to to 30 KG.
  • Most parcels are delivered within 2-4 working days door to door.
  • DHL International Express

    • Gold standard air express service.
    • Reach your customers, colleagues, your familly and friends quickly with DHL Express.
    • Global coverage - Europe and Worldwide.
    • DHL parcels never leave the DHL network - this can make customs clearance quicker.
    • We tend to find that the majority of parcels arrive in Europe the next working day.
    • Online, real-time tracking.
    • Proof of delivery is aquired electronically to make sure your consignment ends up where is it meant to go, and to who it is destined for.
    • Extra Cover is available - protect your parcel and postage cost up to a value of £2,500.
    • Frequently asked questions about sending to Sweden

      Can I send perfume to Sweden?

      Unfortunately, it is forbidden to send any flammable liquids by air transport. This is forbidden throughout most custom rules in most nations.

      Can I send sweets to Sweden?

      For certain food products, sending them overseas to Sweden is forbidden. Some meat and plant products won't be allowed, however most sweets are okay - as long as it's not on a commercial level and is being sent as a gift!

      What happens if my parcel is lost on transit to Sweden?

      Most couriers that we provide within our service offer a standard liability cover of up to a figure of, usually, £50. However, during the purchase of the quote, you might find you can upgrade the cover during the process of booking your shipping

      Below you will find what is included within the standard liability cover:

      • - Collect Plus, Landmark Global, Parcelforce- £50 for Loss and Damage (Restrictions apply)
      • - DHL UK: No standard liability cover with any DHL UK services

      Please be aware that if the parcel is lost then the liability cover process is with the courier that you sent the parcel with.