Landmark Global Prices

Landmark Global offers great, affordable options for international delivery on a budget - and if you book through us, you can get the same quality service for an even cheaper price! This is due to our partnership with Landmark, which means we can offer rates that are even lower than if you went with them directly.

All Landmark Global prices include free £50 Standard Liability cover and limited online tracking. Delivery times are 15-20 days for most international destinations, but this is not guaranteed.

All our Landmark services are "Two Leg" services. This means your parcel will travel from anywhere in the UK to our sorting hub in Dover. It will then be re-labelled and all your customs paperwork completed. The same day your parcel will then start the second leg of its journey with Landmark.
You will recieve an email when this process is complete, and a new tracking number so you can track the progress of your parcel.

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