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Send a Parcel to Germany

Whether you're sending a product to a customer in Berlin or shipping some birthday presents to an old friend in Hamburg, our quick quote tool above simplifies the process of sending parcels internationally. The entire service has been streamlined for users, so you spend less time working out how to send your items which means they can arrive even faster.

High quality, low-cost deliveries to Germany

We believe that low costing prices shouldn't result in poor quality services. This is why we are proud to partner with major courier companies like Landmark and InPost, offering their fantastic services but for heavily reduced costs compared to if you went to them directly! Some of these brands include:

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International courier services you can trust

Our customer-focused approach means that any form of international postage, from Germany to China, is streamlined and cheaper than ever. Even our UK postage services are designed with you in mind! That's because we understand how important flexibility is, so you can either send your items directly to the recipient's door, or to a convenient pick-up point near them if they're often out of their home. Either option will be heavily discounted, due to our partner status with several of the worlds largest delivery companies.

In most cases, free cover is even provided for the deliveries, which helps with that peace of mind everyone should have when sending items internationally.

The impact of Brexit on deliveries to Germany

As of January 1st 2021, there are new rules for shipping from the UK to countries within the European Union. When sending commercial items to Germany from the UK, customers may need to fill in a commercial invoice.

If the parcel you are sending is a gift, you may need to fill in a Pro-forma invoice instead. If you've ever shipped to countries outside Europe you'll be familiar with this process, although we encourage everyone to contact us if they have any concerns or questions.

Useful information when sending parcels to Germany:

Below, you can find some additional information which might help you when sending parcels internationally.

How to write the address for deliveries to Germany

The rules of how to address a parcel being sent to Germany are pretty typical, no matter what service you opt for. They do however have some strict rules that you will need to follow to ensure your parcel arrives. The house number must be after the street name and the five-digit postcode must be before the town name on the same line. Otherwise, these would read the same as UK addresses.

Restricted items list

When it comes to parcel delivery to Germany, you'll be expected to abide by their import rules. But what exactly is restricted and how does this differ from the UK's rules?

From medals to aerosols, there are a variety of items that are either limited or outright restricted. Below is a list of some of these items that are either fully restricted or can be sent to Germany in a limited capacity.

  • - Alcohol over 24% and liquids over 1L
  • - Tobacco, Cigarettes and Cigars
  • - Aerosols
  • - Medals and Coins
  • - Lithium Batteries


What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Germany?
A reliable service is always provided, no matter how much money you spend, so you're just paying for delivery speed. You can save money by planning ahead and sending parcels long before they need to arrive, as this means you can use a service like the International Economy option with lower fees.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Germany?
Depending on which service you opt for and how large the parcel you are sending is, the time your delivery to Germany will take will vary. Typically, most parcels can be expected to arrive within 3-5 working days.
However, if you opt for economy delivery on larger parcels, you should expect it to take anywhere up to 15 working days.

Can I send chocolates to Germany?
This depends entirely on the amount of chocolate you are wanting to send to Germany. You can send small amounts and other confectionery without the need for a certificate. However, if you are wanting to send larger amounts you may need the correct postage paperwork.