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Do you have a parcel that you need to post to the United States? Instead of guessing, use the free quote tool above to find out how much your delivery will cost. If you're happy with the quote, you can even order it straight away! We're here to streamline the usual delivery process for our customers as much as possible and save you money while we're at it.

Below, we've compiled everything you need to know about deliveries to the United States of America and answered the questions we get asked the most. This goes just beyond your average information, such as zip code or package width. There's a lot you might want to know - and we've covered it all for you!

High quality, low-cost delivery to the USA

When you're sending items as far as America, you want to be sure that your package will make it there in one piece. While we do offer services for different prices, rest assured that no matter what you spend, you will receive the same high-quality treatment from Postage Supermarket and our partners.

In fact, our flexible approach means it's up to you to decide how much you want to spend. Outside of the initial size and weight consideration, you're only paying for speed. That means that, if you plan ahead and ship your items a week or two before they need to arrive, you can save yourself some money! Alternatively, if there's an urgent need, we also offer a premium service that can get the items to America within just a few days.

Feel free to use the quote tool above, or take a look at these quick prices below. Like what you see? Click through and start booking your delivery straight away!

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Book your parcel to America - USA with Postagesupermarket and save.

International courier companies you can trust

We initially made a name for ourselves sending parcels to the UK, providing the flexibility that appealed to the family members and friends delivering packages, as well as the small businesses building their empire. Now we are just as known for our international courier services, which saw prestigious delivery companies take interest in us. This resulted in us partnering with many of these large brands, such as:

Our Delivery Partners

Send your parcel using DHL with Send your parcel using InPost with Send your parcel using CollectPlus with Send your parcel using ParcelForce with Send your parcel using Landmark BPost with

What does this partnership mean for you? We can now offer you their services, but with huge discounts applied - sometimes as large as 80%! This means you get the same high-quality service, but you save huge with us compared to going directly with them.

In most cases, free cover is even offered with the deliveries. Peace of mind is key when sending parcels to America and around the world - we believe this helps you achieve it.

Useful information regarding postage to USA

Restricted Items

Just like how you should use our free postage calculator to see how much you need to spend before you do anything else, you should also check that you can legally send your items to America beforehand.

Under the transport legislation, some items are considered too dangerous to be sent. Some of these might seem obvious, but there are plenty that may surprise you. We have compiled a brief list, but we'd always recommend researching it yourself if you're concerned, as the legislation can change from time to time. The shipping restrictions page on is a good place to start.

The shortened version of prohibited items for delivery to the USA can be found below:

It's important to note that these items aren't all necessarily illegal to send, but require more attention as there may be specific requirements in terms of how they are packaged or the quantity allowed.

FAQ about sending parcels to USA

Do you still have some questions about posting parcels to the USA? We've taken the most frequently asked questions about parcel delivery in the country and provided answers for you below!

How should I write the label for parcels to America?

The format is similar to sending items or letters in the UK, however, it is slightly different. For international deliveries like this, we would specifically recommend including the phone number of the person receiving the item on the parcel. This way, they can easily be contacted once the item reaches the other side. Below, we have provided an example of what a label may look like.

- Mr Bruce Smith

- 2112 Rush Street

- Boston, MA 02130


- 1-900-244-6227

How long will it take to send to the USA?

The transit times for your packages will vary based on several factors - such as size, the company you opt for and their transit times, and your adherence to key customs information, such as restricted items.

You can also pay extra for a quicker delivery, which can see items delivered within a week. However, if you wish to save money, plan ahead and use one of our slower (but cheaper!) services.

If you have any doubts, queries, or need more information about sending your packages from the UK to the USA, please contact us.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA?

In most cases, the cheapest option for sending to America with us is the InPost Landmark Economy Super Saver Drop Off service. While it may be low cost, you still get the same high-quality service as you would expect with Landmark.

The savings come from the extended delivery time, which moves from 5-7 working days on our most premium product, to around 15-20 working days for this more affordable option. This means that, if you plan ahead, you can save a decent amount of money.

Which courier is best for sending to the USA?

There are many reliable couriers for package delivery to the United States. No matter if you're shipping to New York or Los Angeles, all you need to do is enter your zipcode via the online quote generator above to get your price - then you can choose the courier based on the speed and cost provided!

For more information on the couriers we work with, take a look below. Many of our partners allow a collection or drop off service, and if you're interested in the latter, please click here to use our Drop Off Point locator to find your nearest point, along with its opening times.

Please be aware that destinations outside the EU will require commercial invoices to be prepared to travel with the parcel(s).

We can help you with this but it is a legal requirement to allow the goods to pass through customs.


  • Economy parcel delivery to Europe and worldwide.
  • This standard service is ideal for non-urgent deliveries, as they arrive slower than the Express service but are available at a much cheaper rate.
  • Standard parcel cover is available for £50, which is upgradeable to £2,500 with our Extra Cover.
  • No complicated customs forms to complete - Postage Supermarket manage all this for you at our parcel hub in Kent.
  • Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric pricing is in force for all Landmark services.
  • Tracking available for all legs of your parcels.
  • Collection or drop-off service available.
  • This is a two-legged service - we receive your parcel at our parcel hub in Kent, and then forward to its destination using Landmark.

Parcelforce International

  • This service offers fast, secure air freight service to almost all international destinations.
  • Drop-off service available as well as a collection service - once you have booked and printed your labels, simply take your parcels to any Parcelforce depot or Post Office.
  • Parcelforce offer a standard cover of £50 for your parcel(s).
  • Our Postage Supermarket Extra Cover is available when you are booking your parcel. Fully protect your parcel and cost of postage up to a value of £2,500.
  • Have your parcel collected by a Parcelforce driver from your work or home address on a day that suits you.
  • Same day collection is normally available as long as your parcels are booked before midday.

DHL International Express

  • Our top air express service from the established and trusted courier DHL.
  • Door-to-door service handled exclusively by DHL.
  • Typical transit times to popular destinations can be as low as 48 hours (Europe, USA, Canada).
  • We tend to find that parcels arrive in Europe the next working day.
  • Very fast and careful service, ideal for time-sensitive parcels or high value or sensitive consignments.
  • Extra Cover is available - protect your parcel and postage cost up to a value of £2,500.