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Send a Parcel to Canada

When considering posting a parcel to Canada there is a common deception that international posting can be costly and take a lengthy amount of time.

So whether you are writing to a loved one or sending parcels to a customer, there is no need to worry as we have you covered. If you're looking to send a parcel with one of our trusted providers then look no further as we tell you everything you need to know here

High-quality, low-cost shipping to Canada

There are almost half a million British immigrants in Canada so the need for courier services is paramount. There are over 3000 miles for your parcel's journey so it's not surprising that there is going to be concerns over the quality and cost-effectiveness of the postal services!

Here at Postage Supermarket, we aim to nullify any concerns about delivery times and cost. We strive to provide incredibly fast delivery times with the added benefit of our heavy discounted services of up to 80% more than our competitors. Tailoring the perfect delivery package is as easy as the touch of a button with our easy-to-use quick quote builder. Below you will find some of our most reliable partners:

Flexible delivery services for Canada

Just like our services within the UK we can be flexible with how we deliver our packages with our international postage. As well as delivering directly to the recipient's door we can also work around any issues with no one being home. We have a drop-off service where we can drop off your package at a local pick-up point.

In most cases, we offer a £50 cover for any packages, giving you some ease of mind knowing your package is in safe hands.

Postage rates for Canada

Weight generally is the main factor when determining the cost of your shipping. We aim to quickly and efficiently find exactly how much it will affect the cost and delivery timescales. At the top of this page is an indication of how much it will cost based on the different weights of packages heading to Canada.

Prices from £23.27

Parcel Weight:



From £23.27


From £48.78


From £67.57

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Useful information for sending parcels to Canada

To get a better understanding of what you might need to know when posting a package to Canada, read the information below:

How to write the address for deliveries to Canada

When writing the address of your recipient it's incredibly important you format the address as per Canada's guidelines. It can be easy to write it in the form of a UK address out of habit. For cross reference, below is a guideline to follow for sending your package to a Canada address:

  • - The recipient's full name.
  • - The house number followed by the street name.
  • - The City, followed by the province (i.e QC for Quebec) which is then followed by the postcode.
  • - 'CANADA' as written.

Restricted items list for Canada Customs

When posting a package to Canada you must pay attention to their restricted and prohibited guidelines. Prohibited packages will contain items that cannot be sent under any circumstances. Some example of these are:

  • - Weapons
  • - Combustible liquids/gasses/solids
  • - Alcohol over 24% and liquids over 1L
  • - Seeds and plants (check the Canadian Post website to see which are allowed)
  • - Even margarine or butter substitutes!

To get a more comprehensive look at their list of prohibited and restricted items, go to the Canada post website.!

Please be aware that destinations outside the EU will require commercial invoices to be prepared to travel with the parcel(s). We can help you with this, but it is a legal requirement to allow the goods to pass through customs.

Specific courier details:


  • - Landmark delivers to almost any destination worldwide.
  • - A cost-effective service where transit times are significantly higher than express services, but cost considerably less.
  • - Comes with FREE standard parcel cover of £50, which is upgradeable to £2,500 with our Extra Cover.
  • - Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric restrictions do however apply.
  • - Online tracking for both legs of your parcel.
  • - Choose to have your parcel collected, or drop it off at a drop-off point.
  • - This is a two-legged service - your parcels travel to our hub in Kent, then are checked and forwarded to their destination with Landmark.

Parcelforce International

  • - This service offers fast, secure air freight service to almost all international destinations.
  • - Parcelforce offer a FREE standard cover of £50 for your parcel(s).
  • - Drop-off service available as well as a collection service - once you have booked and printed your labels, simply take your parcels to any Parcelforce depot or Post Office.
  • - Parcelforce offer a standard cover of £50 for your parcel(s).
  • - Our Postage Supermarket Extra Cover is available when you are booking your parcel. Fully protect your parcel and cost of postage up to a value of £2,500.
  • - Have your parcel collected by a Parcelforce driver from your work or home address on a day that suits you.
  • - Same day collection is normally available as long as your parcels are booked before midday.

DHL International Express

  • - Our top air express service from the established and trusted courier DHL.
  • - Our premier offering from DHL - one of our more expensive services, but this is reflected in the quality of it.
  • - Typical transit times to popular destinations can be as low as 48 hours (Europe, USA, Canada included).
  • - Very fast service, ideal for small to medium parcels.
  • - Although we do not guarantee it, the large majority of parcels sent to Europe and the USA achieve next working day delivery.
  • - Extra Cover is available is available through Postage Supermarket, which further protects your delivery up to the value of £2,500.

Frequently asked questions about sending parcels to Canada

How long does shipping take from the UK to Canada?

Depending on the size of the package the shortest delivery time that we currently offer is 3-5 days. The heavier the package the more that will increase. If you are looking for an economic delivery and more focused on cost-effectiveness then you could look at up to 13-17 days.

What is the heaviest parcel I can send to Canada through you?

Currently, we ship packages that weigh as much as 29kg to Canada and these can be delivered within 5-7 working days if you choose the Parcelforce International/International Drop-off options. Since moving around something so heavy can be difficult, we even provide collection options so someone else handles the hard work for you.

Can you ship hand sanitizer to Canada?

The Canada Post corporation is restricted from transporting any dangerous goods by air which includes hand sanitiser. This is stated under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDG Regulations)