Loss or Damage

Occasionally things go wrong in life, work, play and unfortunately also in the collection and delivery of parcels using major courier companies across the world.

The majority of the courier companies we use offer standard liability cover up to a figure, usually £50, however Extra Cover may be available during the booking process.

Please see standard liability levels below:

  • Collect Plus, Landmark Global, Parcelforce- £50 for Loss and Damage (Restrictions apply)
  • This means the courier company themselves (not PostageSupermarket.com) will cover the items they transit up to this nominal cover.

    A lost claim can only be processed once the carrier has made extensive searches and declares your consignment lost.

  • DHL UK: No standard liability cover with any DHL UK services
  • All enquires and claims must be directed through Postage Supermarket who will then contact the relevant courier on your behalf. If the courier is contacted directly by you, postagesupermarket may not be able to help you with your enquiry or claim at a later date.

    Any claim must be raised through Postage Supermarket within 24 hours of the time in the case of damage, and 5 working days in the case of loss.

    In the event of any claim, a cost invoice will be needed to prove the value of the consignment/s. In order for a claim to be processed by the courier, the original cost invoice must match the declared contents value entered during the booking process. In the event of damage to your consignment, all of the packaging must be kept for inspection by the carrier.  Your consignment must be available for inspection in the state that it was delivered, and at the address it was delivered to.  If the consignment is moved, repaired or the packaging is not kept, your claim will be void.  Photographs of the damaged consignment must be provided to start any damage claim.

    Please be advised that with some couriers the recipient will be required to complete a damage questionnaire (in the event of damage) and a denial of receipt (in the event of loss). The recipient may also be required to report the incident and take the original package, damaged item and packaging to the nearest Post Office for verification. Please be advised that if the recipient is not willing to do any of the requirements mentioned, the courier may reject your claim.