Parcelforce Drop Off Services

The drop off services that Parcelforce offer are a great alternative to courier collection, for when you don't have the time to wait in for parcel collection. Instead, you can fit sending a parcel into your own schedule. Not only are drop off services convenient, but they are also cheaper, as an additional cost is added for collection. Using the drop off service will not even affect delivery times.

You can drop off your parcel at any Post Office branch or Parcelforce depot around the country. As there are over 11,500 drop off points around the country, it means you're very likely to have one near you - no matter where you live. Parcels can even be dropped off on the day you book the service. Use our locator to find your nearest drop off point.

The following Parcelforce services are available with a drop off option:

Our Extra Cover can be added to all Parcelforce drop off services and all drop off services are fully tracked online.