Track Your InPost Parcel

InPost offer full parcel tracking with their services, with tracking updated at each stage of the parcel's journey from depot to door. However, tracking will not start until the parcel is collected from the locker so there may be a slight delay before you can start tracking your parcel.

Tracking like this is one of the major benefits that modern technologies have provided the shipping and delivery industry with. Many years ago, you often had little to no information on where your parcel would be - it gets sent off and then it arrives, but between those two steps you'd have to hope for the best. Now we can see where it is along the way, which provides peace of mind in a way that a customer simply couldn't have had years ago.

In some cases, tracking may only begin when the parcel arrives at the depot if the driver is not equipped with a handheld terminal to make the collection scan.

You can track your parcel directly through InPost's website at this link. Enter the INP Reference Number from your receipt to find out where your parcel is.

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