With Postage Supermarket, large parcels don't have to equal a large fee. Find out for yourself using our instant quote generator below. If you like what you see, then you can even book the delivery instantly!

Large Parcel Delivery with Parcelforce!

Sending a large parcel with Parcelforce is not only incredibly quick, easy, and convenient; but it's also super low cost. Our competitive rates allow us to provide the same high-quality service as Parcelforce direct, but at a lower price.

Whether you're sending a gift to a friend across the country or returning an item to a retailer, we have all the information you need to cheaply send large parcels within the UK.

Postage Supermarket offers a wide range of cost-effective delivery options, which you can explore with a free quote. We guarantee that our large parcel couriers service will provide you with a premium service at a reasonable price tag.

The size of a large parcel:

To be classed as a large package, your parcel must exceed 1.5 metres in length, or 3 metres in length and girth combined.

Large parcels can measure a maximum of 4 metres in length and girth combined and 2.5 metres in length.

The maximum weight of a large parcel is 30kg. Although a collection of multiple parcels can exceed this weight, each item cannot weigh more than 30kg.

On our site, you can get a quote for how much your parcel delivery will cost in just a few clicks. Simply enter the dimensions of your parcel (the length, girth and weight) and the to and from addresses to receive an estimated delivery price.

To find your parcel's length, measure the longest side of the item (in metres and centimetres). Its girth is the measurement of its width all the way around. If your parcel is an irregular shape, you should measure it at its widest points to find its dimensions. If you're unsure of the exact weight of your goods, an educated guess can still help you work out a rough cost before arranging a drop-off or item courier pickup.

Parcelforce large parcel services we offer

At Postage Supermarket, we understand that shipping large items can be tricky; which is why we offer Parcelforce large parcel services specially allocated for items that are outside of the parameters of the standard Parcelforce 24 service. We offer the below Parcelforce services for large parcels:

Parcelforce 24 Large

  • - This service is for items that are outside the parameters of the standard Parcelforce 24 service
  • - Next working day delivery service to the UK and Northern Ireland
  • - This service has volumetric restrictions
  • - Your parcel's largest side can be no longer than 250cm with a combined girth no greater than 500cm
  • - Inclusive Standard Liability Cover of £50 is included with the courier for loss/damage
  • - Extra Cover is also available on this service

Parcelforce 48 Large

  • - This service is for items that are outside of the parameters of the standard Parcelforce 48 service.
  • - Next working day delivery service to the UK and Northern Ireland.
  • - This service has volumetric restrictions.
  • - Your parcel's largest side can be no longer than 250cm with a combined girth no greater than 500cm
  • - Inclusive Standard Liability Cover of £50 with the courier for loss/damage.
  • - Extra Cover is also available on this service

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H2: FAQ about large parcel deliveries

Do you still have some questions about posting large parcels? We've taken the most frequently asked questions and provided answers for you below!

How much does it cost to send a large parcel?

The postage rates of Parcelforce 24 Large and 48 Large parcel delivery vary, depending on parcel weight and size.

If your parcel weighs under 2kg, it can be sent via Express 48 post for just £31.80, and will arrive at its destination within two working days. For every 5kg, the price of Express 48 parcel delivery rises by around £3, meaning that heavy parcels will cost more to send.

Prices also depend on the goods courier that you select. You can check this in more detail on our site.

Next day parcel deliveries (with the Express 24 parcel delivery option) cost more as they deliver your item the next day. There are several different shipping options and services available, depending on your delivery window.

What is the cheapest way to send a large parcel?

If you're looking for the cheapest large parcel delivery options, look no further. Postage Supermarket weighs up all of the delivery services available to you to find the most cost-effective way of posting your items within the UK within your chosen time frame.

At a competitive price, you can choose between drop-off deliveries or courier services. Drop-off may be your preferred option for cutting costs, as item courier services come at a small added fee. The smaller and lighter your parcel, the cheaper delivery will be. If cheap parcel postage is a priority for you, you may want to avoid sending more heavy items.

Our website can help you find the cheapest large parcel delivery services on offer.

How do I send a large parcel in the UK?

Though it may seem like a faff, sending large parcels within the UK couldn't be easier. There are two parcel delivery services for you to choose from - Post Office drop-off, or collection (from your door or a selected depot).

Check online for the parcel delivery options available to your local area. Taking your parcel to your nearest Post Office doesn't require any online pre-booking. It saves you having to arrange a parcel collection.

If you'd prefer to arrange a collection, however, this process is simple. Your parcel may even be eligible for same-day pick-up, depending on the time of booking. The shipping rates of these delivery services vary depending on parcel weight, size, and your location.

What is the biggest parcel you can send?

With Parcelforce's large parcel delivery service, you can send large or heavy parcels weighing up to 30kg per item. Large parcels can be up to 2.5m in length, and their length and girth combined cannot exceed 4 metres.

There's no weight limit for multiple item consignments, meaning that your combined weight can exceed the 30kg maximum. This is something to consider if you're sending heavy large items that can be packed into multiple parcels.