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Landmark Parcel Delivery in Europe and Worldwide

Choose Landmark for your deliveries and take advantage of a wealth of European and International delivery services. With a company as prestigious as this, you can feel confident that there are the resources to get your delivery to its destination safe and on time. On top of that, we can do this confidentially and with even high-value goods to Europe, or Internationally.

If that doesn't assure you enough, then you can also take advantage of the extra cover package that we provide for valuable goods with a value of up to £2,500. On top of this, there are a range of Super Saver postal services that offer fantastic value for money.

Landmark allows customers to send parcels that weigh up to 28kg. This makes Landmark the courier to choose for customers who wish to send goods that are larger at a cheap price. Landmark are able to ship goods in a timely and convenient manner, this represents one of the most secure and reliable postal services around.

Two-Legged International Service

With Landmark, you can enjoy a hassle-free international two-legged service. Your parcel(s) will first travel to the UK sorting hub in Dover where they will be checked, weighed and measured to ensure that they meet the terms of transit. Goods are then re-labelled with the relevant customs documentation for Landmark to then collect.

All shipments may pass through land, sea and air at some stage of the journey. As an economy service, the standard transit time is 15 working days to most destinations, but some destination countries can be 21 days or more. Please note that transit times are not guaranteed and may be longer depending on the nature and route of the delivery journey.

Landmark Global is unable to process and claim for any losses should a parcel take more than six months to arrive at a destination.

Landmark Tracking

Landmark provide limited global tracking for parcels in transit, which starts at the point of distribution from the collection/drop off point at the UK hub.

Once Landmark retrieve your parcel, customers will receive tracking details via email - you can learn more by visiting here Landmark's dedicated tracking page. All you need to do is to input your Tracking Number to retrieve your results.

Please note that this is not live tracking. Your parcel's location will be updated at each stage of the journey across the Landmark network; this means that pauses are to be expected and customers are advised to not expect an update every single day.

Once your parcel(s) have been dispatched from Belgium and are in transit to their final delivery location, a tracking notification will appear when the parcel(s) have arrived in the country they are being delivered to. In most cases, the final delivery will be made to a local postal service.

However, if your parcel has remained stagnant for a prolonged time, Landmark encourage customers to get in contact and check on its current status and location. Economy delivery to most destinations is 15 working days.

Simple and Affordable Parcel Delivery with Landmark

Place an order for Landmark to deliver your parcel today through Postage Supermarket and enjoy notable savings - with prices even lower than if you went to Landmark directly. This is due to our partnership with the company, which means we can pass discounted rates onto our customers; whether they're sending their parcel around the corner or across the globe.

Additionally, if you choose Landmark Economy Super Saver parcel delivery through Postage Supermarket to a national or international location, there's no need to print a shipping label. This is completed by the courier, which saves you plenty of time - especially if you post packages often.

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Choose any of the Landmark drop-off services and you will receive £50 standard liability cover for loss or damage of goods in transit. This offers customers peace of mind that they're covered to a degree in the event of an accident in transit.

To find out more about the complete range of Landmark services offered, or to book a Landmark parcel delivery, call us today on 01304 202300.