Parcelforce Mailhouse Service

We have partnered with Parcelforce to provide a unique Mailhouse service, for an affordable deal on non-urgent parcels. The term 'Mailhouse' means that we prepare your items for international shipping, which we do in our UK sorting hub in Dover as part of the two-legged service.

Your parcel will first travel to our sorting hub, where your parcel will be checked, weighed and measured to make sure it fits within the terms of transit. We then re-label your parcel and produce any extra documentation such as commercial invoices and CN23 notices; saving you time and effort.

Your parcel will then continue its journey out of the United Kingdom on the same day.

This service is a fantastic way to get cheap and reliable international parcel delivery when you don't need a parcel delivered urgently.

Parcelforce Mailhouse Services

Below is a list of the other Parcelforce Mailhouse services on offer, along with additional details:

Parcelforce Mailhouse

  • This service is ideal for non-urgent parcels and can be delivered to PO Boxes worldwide
  • The rates quoted include the collection of your parcel and delivery to us
  • Your parcel's largest side can be no longer than 150cm with a combined girth no greater than 300cm
  • Extra cover is available through our own additional package

Parcelforce Mailhouse Economy

  • The same as Mailhouse above, however, Mailhouse Economy does not deliver to P.O boxes and can take a few days longer than Mailhouse. This is how we can offer cheaper rates

Parcelforce Mailhouse Europe

  • The same as Mailhouse above, however, this is a road freight service into Europe and does not deliver to PO Boxes

Parcelforce Mailhouse Drop Off Services

  • With our new Mailhouse Drop Off Services, you no longer need to wait in all day for your collection
  • Book a drop off service and simply take your parcel to your local post office or Parcelforce depot
  • The Drop Off service can be used for all Mailhouse services and will not affect delivery times