Packing Advice

How to Pack Your Consignment Professionally

Any consignment sent via Postage Supermarket must be packed to a professional standard.
If these guidelines are not adhered to, any claim you may need to make could be invalid.

What You Must Do

  • Check for any prohibitions or restrictions on goods. For futher details please see our Prohibited items page. 
  • Make sure you choose the right packing materials for your parcel - e.g. boxes made of corrugated cardboard, parcel tubes for rolled paper and documents.
  • Put protective wrapping around each individual item.
  • Use expanded polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam, bubble plastic, crumpled aircushions or shredded paper to cushion fragile items.
  • Ensure that polystyrene surrounds are used on all electrical items.
  • Seal top and bottom of cartons with an 'H' seal using 48mm or 50mm wide plastic or reinforced packing tape.
  • Strap (with non-metallic strapping if possible) and tape large or heavy items, and use an outer carton strong enough to withstand fully tensioned strapping.
  • Include the sender's address on the outer carton/wrapper, and inside the package.
  • When transporting electrical items - i.e. laptops, DVD players etc - please ensure they have the original manufacturer's transport screws properly secured so that elements/components do not move.

What You Must NOT Do

  • DON'T use substandard or damaged cartons / boxes.
  • DON'T allow contents to move within their packaging.
  • DON'T allow fragile items inside a package to touch each other.
  • DON'T use domestic adhesive tape - you need to use proper packing tape.
  • DON'T strap parcels together in any way.