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Collection and Drop-Off services available - Extra Cover available for goods up to £2,500 - Always cheaper than the post office

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As a leading full-service postage provider, we aim to provide you with a shipping service that is easy and cheap. It can often seem like a headache trying to work around the regulations and processes of getting a package sent to a loved one or customer in Denmark.

Our in-house customer service team and trusted couriers will walk you through the process. We aim to make sending a parcel to Denmark feel painless with some added benefits:

High-quality, low-cost shipping to Denmark

When considering the delivery of a parcel internationally, the two main factors that we consider are timescales for delivery and the cost of shipping. With the ability to offer heavily discounted delivery costs there is no need to break the bank! We offer up to 80% less than other postage providers in the UK.

Above you will find our quick quote building tool which will allow you to tailor a package that's suited to you. We can offer express services or economic services with our large variety of popular and trusted partners.

Flexible delivery services

Over the years we have come to understand that being flexible for the person who is receiving the package is very important whether it's through our UK or international service. Therefore, we understand that sometimes they might not be at home to receive their package from the courier. For this very reason, as well as delivering at their front door, we also offer a pickup service where we can have our couriers deliver the parcel to a local pick-up point. The benefit of this is that it allows the recipient to collect the package at a time that suits them.

Postage rates for Denmark

When delivering a parcel you will need to determine the cost of shipping. By doing this you will need to provide the weight and dimensions of the parcel. Below are some example prices based on the different weight of parcels being sent to Denmark. To get a more accurate valuation enter the exact weight and dimensions of your package into our quote builder at the top of the page.

In most cases, we also offer a £50 cover for any packages.

Prices from £20.62

Parcel Weight:



From £20.62


From £23.18


From £26.38

Book your parcel to Denmark with Postagesupermarket and save.

Useful information for sending parcels to Denmark

For some useful tips on sending your parcel to Denmark please refer below:

How to write the address for deliveries to Denmark

Below you will find an example of Denmark's guidelines for addressing a package. Just like most countries, it's important you follow these rules to avoid the package being lost on transit.

  • - Name of recipient
  • - The street name followed by the number
  • - Postcode followed by the city
  • - 'Denmark'

How to package Parcels

Due to the long distances packages can succumb to damage over time. For that reason, you should be aware of how to package your parcel. Below are some tips on how to improve the integrity and safety of your package.

  • - Use appropriately sized packaging which leaves minimal open space around your items.
  • - If you have open space use some filling materials such as air packets or packing peanuts
  • - Use strong adhesive tape and be GENEROUS
  • - If you have fragile items in your parcel make sure to use protective materials. A good example of this is bubble wrap

Details on specific couriers

Below, you can find courier-specific information that may relate to your package.

Use the quick quote system above to obtain your quote.

Many of our companies allow a collection or drop off service.
Please click here to use our Drop Off Point locator to find your nearest one and opening times

Protect your parcel up to the value of £2,500 on top of the standard £50 transit cover.

Parcelforce Europe

  • Excellent European road service with Parcelforce.
  • Drop your parcel off at a Parcelforce depot or Post Office, at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Book a Collection from your work or home address for a day that suits you.
  • Typical delivery times into Europe are between 2-4 working days.  
  • Inclusive Standard Liability Cover of £50 with the courier for loss/damage.
  • Extra Cover is available up to a value of £2,500. 
  • Maxium parcel weight is 30KG.
  • Your parcel’s largest side can be no longer than 150cm with a combined girth no greater than 300cm. 


  • Economy parcel delivery to Europe and worldwide.
  • Delivery times are significantly higher than express services, but at a much cheaper rate.
  • Standard parcel cover of £50, which is upgradeable to £2500 with our extra cover.
  • No complicated customs forms to complete - Postagesupermarket do all this for you at our parcel hub in Kent.
  • Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric pricing is in force for all Landmark services.
  • Cheap parcel service for parcels going into Europe and worldwide.
  • Tracking available for all legs of your parcels.
  • Collection or drop-off service available.
  • This is a two-legged service - we receive your parcel at our parcel hub in Kent, and then forward to it's destination using Landmark.

DHL Euro Plus

  • Offering into mainland Europe a road servcie.
  • Additional Parcel Extra Cover available up to £2500.
  • Suitable for parcels up to to 30 KG box rate.
  • Most parcels are delivered within 2-4 working days door to door.
  • DHL International Express

    • Gold standard air express service.
    • Reach your customers, colleagues, your familly and friends quickly with DHL Express.
    • Global coverage - Europe and Worldwide.
    • DHL parcels never leave the DHL network - this can make customs clearance quicker.
    • We tend to find that the majority of parcels arrive in Europe the next working day.
    • Online, real-time tracking.
    • Proof of delivery is aquired electronically to make sure your consignment ends up where is it meant to go, and to who it is destined for.
    • Extra Cover is available - protect your parcel and postage cost up to a value of £2,500.
    • Frequently asked questions about sending to Denmark

      Below, you can find courier-specific questions which are frequently asked by individuals sending parcels to Denmark.

      How do I send a parcel to Denmark?

      The beauty of Parcel Supermarket is that there isn't one way of sending your parcel to Denmark. Using our quick quote builder you can find many different services ranging from economic to express deliveries. This gives you the freedom to tailor your shipping service to your liking with our huge discounts and a wide variety of courier services.

      Can I send food to Denmark?

      Food items are permitted as long as they don't come under their prohibited or restricted items list. When you are booking your shipment feel free to contact our customer service team as they will be happy to help if you have a specific item you would like to ask about.

      How can I send a parcel by courier?

      With our service, you have the choice of multiple couriers at your disposal. Once you have built a tailored quote, there will be instructions on how to send your parcel. Each courier might have a different process however they all offer a drop-off service where you can leave your parcel at a depot or partnered store where your package will be collected for delivery.