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Are you looking to keep up with regulations for sending a parcel to the Czech Republic or want to jump straight into sending a parcel? Here we will discuss anything you will need to know. As a top full-service postage company, we aim to make it as easy as a few clicks. Take a look at our quick quote builder above.

We aim to provide you with a tailored quote suited to you using our wide range of courier partners who will work alongside our amazing customer service team! Below are some of our philosophies and promises we aim to provide every time!

High-quality, low-cost shipping

The Czech Republic is right in the middle of Europe meaning there is no shortage of requests to send packages there. We appreciate that international deliveries might raise some concerns such as different regulations and post office queues that never seem to end.

As a provider of multiple different couriers and with our easy processes we can cancel out all those worries and get to the important details. We are proud to be able to provide heavily discounted shipping costs. Up to 80% cheaper than other providers. We also aim to get your package delivered as quickly as possible. Below are examples of some of our most trusted and experienced couriers ready to work around your specifications.

Flexible delivery services for the Czech Republic

With daily life getting faster every year, it's not hard to believe that the person you are sending your package to might not be home to receive it. With that being said we have a pick-up service where we can deliver your parcel to a local pick-up point allowing your recipient, whether it be a family member or customer, to collect the parcel when the time suits them. This is a service we provide not only within the UK but through our international services.

In most cases, we also offer a £50 cover in case of any issues arising on transit.

Postage rates for the Czech Republic

How much will it cost to post a package to the Czech Republic? Shipping costs usually fluctuate due to the weight of the package. Therefore, to determine the cost of delivery we will need a measurement and weight of the parcel. Below is the average pricing of different weights of parcels. To get a more exact quotation, refer back to the quote building tool at the top of the page.

Prices from £16.41

Parcel Weight:



From £16.41


From £17.00


From £17.00

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Useful information for sending parcels to the Czech Republic

To help you send a parcel with no complications we have listed a couple of important pointers to follow below:

How to write the address for deliveries to the Czech Republic

Below is an example of how to address a parcel being sent to the Czech republic. Just like any country you need to make sure to follow their guidelines to deter any shipping issues.

Recipients name
The street name followed by the house number. Also, include the block number if necessary.
Postal code + city + post office number (usually 1-3 numbers)
Include the country (ie. the Czech Republic)

How to package parcels

To make sure your parcel has no issues when on transit to your delivery address you need to follow the pointers below.

  1. Use appropriate packaging, ie boxes or sleeves
  2. If there are open spaces use packing peanuts
  3. Use a good quality tape to prevent any openings
  4. If you are sending valuable item use bubble wrap or other protective materials

Details on specific couriers

Below, you can find courier-specific information that may relate to your package.

Use the quick quote system above to obtain your quote.

Many of our companies allow a collection or drop off service.
Please click here to use our Drop Off Point locator to find your nearest one and opening times

Protect your parcel up to the value of £2,500 on top of the standard £50 transit cover.

Parcelforce Europe

  • This is a road service operating into the majority of European countries.
  • European parcel delivery in typically 2-4 working days at a lower cost than air express services.  
  • Parcelforce have a maxium parcel weight of 30KG.
  • Electronic "Proof of delivery" to ensure your parcel reaches it's intended recipient.
  • £50 of transit cover included as standard.
  • Extra Cover is available up to a value of £2,500 to fully protect your parcels and cost of postage. 
  • Transit times are slower than air express services but at a much cheaper price.
  • Along with full online tracking, SMS delivery notification is available.
  • Why wait in for a collection? You can drop your consignment off at any Parcelforce depot or Post Office.
  • Collections available from any UK address - usually available the same day (if booked before midday) .


  • With over ten years of experience delivering parcels worldwide, Landmark offer really cost-effective parcel delivery.
  • Landmark employ over 20,000 people worldwide - they have specialists in your delivery country.
  • Delivery times are significantly higher than express services, but at a much cheaper rate.
  • Drop your parcel off at a drop-off point or arrange for a courier to collect from your home or work.
  • You have £50 cover as standard, but you can cover the total cost of your postage and goods to a maxiumum of £2500 with our extra cover.
  • This is a two-legged service - we receive your parcel at our parcel hub in Kent, and then forward to it's destination using Landmark.
  • After your parcels arrive with us at our parcel hub in Kent, we check them, complete any customs paperwork and then forward to Landmark.
  • Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric pricing is in force for all Landmark services.
  • Perfect for occasions that need a cheap delivery service and longer delivery times.
  • Online tracking available.

DHL Euro Plus

  • This service travels by road into most European countries.
  • Additional Parcel Extra Cover available up to £2500.
  • Fast efficient service that usually delivers within 2-4 working day.
  • Suitable for parcels up to to 30 KG box rate.
  • DHL International Express

    • Excellent air express service from the world leading courier DHL.
    • Our premier offering from DHL.
    • Typical transit times to popular destinations can be as low as 48 hours (Europe, USA, Canada).
    • Very fast service, ideal for small to medium parcels.
    • Although we do not guarantee it, the large majority of parcels sent to Europe and USA achieve next working day delivery. 
    • Extra Cover is available.
    • Frequently asked questions about sending to the Czech Republic

      Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions by people who have considered posting a package to the Czech-republic

      Which is the cheapest way to send a parcel?

      It all depends on the weight and dimensions of your parcel. As one of the leading full-service providers, we can provide heavily discounted prices of up to 80%. To get an exact quote please use the quick quote builder at the top of the page. You might find prices of little as £14.73 to send a package to the Czech Republic.

      How long does it take to get a package to the Czech Republic?

      A regular postage service can take up to 25 days to deliver a package to the Czech Republic. However, here at the Postage Supermarket, we can cut that down to 2-3 days. This is because we have a wide variety of different international couriers.

      How do I avoid customs fees in the Czech Republic?

      Like any international postage deliveries, most countries expect all parcels to undergo their own customs checks. Unfortunately, there is no way around this meaning you will need to provide custom documentation. The good news is we can help you attain any paperwork you might need and our great customer service team will support you with any concerns to do with this matter.