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Send a Parcel to Channel Islands - Jersey

Are you concerned about the logistics and complications of sending a parcel to Jersey? As an international postage service, it can often seem daunting wanting to send a package to Jersey.

As a leading full-service provider we aim to make it seem effortless in sending a package to a loved one or customer. Our in-house customer service team will aim to support you in tailoring the perfect quote for you with the added benefits of having access to a wide range of top courier services. Below are some examples of our promises to you, giving you peace of mind:

High-quality, low-cost shipping to Jersey

When tailoring a quote for you the main factors we always consider is the cost of shipping and delivery timescales. Here at Postage Supermarket, we are proud to be able to offer heavily discounted prices. We offer up to 80% discounts compared to other major courier services with the benefit of using our extremely trusted Partners. Below you can find some of our most popular partners.

Whether you want to go for an economic service or a fast delivery service, our quote building tool can give you a variety of different options suited to your needs.

Flexible delivery services for Jersey

As well as delivering your package directly to your recipient's door we can also be flexible if they are not home. What we can do is set up for the package to be delivered to a local pick-up point. The benefit of this is that the person receiving your package can collect the package at a time that suits them. This is a service that stems from our international and UK services.

With most packages being sent overseas it can often raise other concerns with the safety of the package. In most cases, we offer a £50 cover for your package.

Postage rates for Jersey

Below you will find some examples of the cost of different package deliveries based on weight. The reason for this is like all couriers they determine the price mainly based on its weight. To get a more precise valuation please feel free to take a look at the quote building tool at the top of the page or in the third column.

Parcel Weight:



From £13.20


From £17.40


From £17.40

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Useful information for sending parcels to Jersey

Some extra information on what you might need to know has been outlined below:

Many of our companies allow a collection or drop off service.
Please click here to use our Drop Off Point locator to find your nearest one and opening times

Protect your parcel up to the value of £2,500 on top of the standard £50 transit cover.

Please be aware that destinations outside the EU will require commercial invoices to be prepared to travel with the parcel(s).
We can help you with this but it is a legal requirement to allow the goods to pass through customs.

Parcelforce Europe

  • Excellent European road service with Parcelforce.
  • Drop your parcel off at a Parcelforce depot or Post Office, at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Book a Collection from your work or home address for a day that suits you.
  • Typical delivery times into Europe are between 2-4 working days.  
  • Inclusive Standard Liability Cover of £50 with the courier for loss/damage.
  • Extra Cover is available up to a value of £2,500. 
  • Maxium parcel weight is 30KG.
  • Your parcel’s largest side can be no longer than 150cm with a combined girth no greater than 300cm. 


  • Landmark deliver to almost any desitination worldwide.
  • This is a two-legged service - your parcels travel to our hub in Kent, then are checked and forwarded to thier destination with Landmark.
  • Cost-effective service delivering parcels into Europe and worldwide.
  • Standard parcel cover of £50, which is upgradeable to £2500 with our extra cover.
  • Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric restrictions do however apply.
  • Online tracking for both legs of your parcel.
  • Choose to have your parcel collected, or drop it off at a drop-off point.
  • Economy service - transit times are significantly higher than express services, but at a much lower cost.

DHL Road Service

  • Road courier service into mainland Europe.
  • Additional Parcel Extra Cover available up to £2500.00.
  • Suitable for parcels up to to 30 KG.
  • Most parcels are delivered within 2-4 working days door to door.
  • DHL International Express

    • Dependable, reliable air express serivce from DHL.
    • Door-to-door service handled exclusively by DHL.
    • DHL parcels never leave the DHL network - this can make customs clearance quicker.
    • Popular destinations can have deliveries within 48 hours (Europe, USA, Canada).
    • We tend to find that the majority of parcels arrive in Europe the next working day.
    • Very fast and careful service, ideal for time-sensitive parcels or high value or sensitive consignments.
    • Extra Cover is available - protect your parcel and postage cost up to a value of £2,500.