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Send a Parcel to Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Are you looking to send a package to our neighbours in Guernsey? Although they are so close it may be necessary that packages be subject to customs checks. This can raise concerns over how long it will take for a package to be delivered. Relying on a full-service postage company like ourselves will streamline the process for you with no hassle. Take a quick look at our quick quote builder above to get started!

With Brexit upon us and Guernsey not part of the UK, there could be regulation changes in the future. Here we will discuss any concerns you might have but also get you started if you want to send a parcel today. With our wide range of trusted couriers and in-house customer service team, we will work together to tailor the perfect quote for you. Below you can find some of our most dedicated partners:

High-quality, low-cost shipping to Guernsey

Guernsey, being the second-largest channel island and only a few miles away from the UK's coast, it's fair to say that there is a need for posting packages either to loved ones or a customer. The word international delivery can be often misconceived to be a long and strenuous process.

Postage Supermarket has decided to take that off your hands and put your mind at ease. Our service will help you to tailor the perfect quote with the added benefits of heavily discounted prices from top courier services, of up to 80%, and our extremely quick delivery times. Below you can find some of our most dedicated partners:

Flexible delivery services for Guernsey

Our flexible services with our UK postage services extend out to how we do things with our international services. What if no one is home? No need to worry! Here at Postage Supermarket, we can provide other methods to get your package to your recipients in Guernsey. What we can do is drop off your package at a local pick-up point. This gives the person receiving your package the option to collect it when it suits them. If not, we can deliver directly to their door!

We also provide a £50 cover for your packages in most cases.

Postage rates for Guernsey

When determining the cost of shipping the main factor you will need to consider is weight. This is due to the logistics of the weight and size of a package. To give you a base understanding of what you could expect, below are some examples of what it could cost for delivering packages to guernsey based on its weight.

Parcel Weight:



From £13.20


From £17.30


From £17.30

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Useful information for sending parcels to Guernsey

Some extra information on what you might need to know has been outlined below:

How to write the address for deliveries to Guernsey

Great news! Addressing your package to guernsey is identical to how you would post a package within the UK. The only difference is UK postage stamps can't be used to send items to and from the channel islands or isle of man.

Below is an example of what to address on a package to guernsey:

  • - Full name
  • - Street number and name
  • - Town
  • - Postcode

Restricted items list for Guernsey Customs

Even though guernsey is an English-speaking neighbour, most packages will be subject to a customs check. Here we have outlined some examples of items that are restricted and prohibited. A prohibited package contains items that cannot be sent in the post under any circumstances such as:

  • - Weapons
  • - Combustible materials

Restricted items could be:

  • - Alcohol over 24% and liquids over 1L
  • - Tobacco products

If you have specific items that you want to clarify on please have a look at Guernsey Post's website!

Details on specific couriers

Below, you can find courier-specific information that may relate to your package.


  • - Landmark delivers to almost any destination worldwide.
  • - A cost-effective service where transit times are significantly higher than express services, but cost considerably less.
  • - Comes with FREE standard parcel cover of £50, which is upgradeable to £2,500 with our Extra Cover.
  • - Send parcels up to 25Kg in actual weight - volumetric restrictions do however apply.
  • - Online tracking for both legs of your parcel.
  • - Choose to have your parcel collected, or drop it off at a drop-off point.
  • - This is a two-legged service - your parcels travel to our hub in Kent, then are checked and forwarded to their destination with Landmark.

Parcelforce International

  • - This service offers fast, secure air freight service to almost all international destinations.
  • - Parcelforce offer a FREE standard cover of £50 for your parcel(s).
  • - Drop-off service available as well as a collection service - once you have booked and printed your labels, simply take your parcels to any Parcelforce depot or Post Office.
  • - Parcelforce offer a standard cover of £50 for your parcel(s).
  • - Our Postage Supermarket Extra Cover is available when you are booking your parcel. Fully protect your parcel and cost of postage up to a value of £2,500.
  • - Have your parcel collected by a Parcelforce driver from your work or home address on a day that suits you.
  • - Same day collection is normally available as long as your parcels are booked before midday.

DHL International Express

  • - Our top air express service from the established and trusted courier DHL.
  • - Our premier offering from DHL - one of our more expensive services, but this is reflected in the quality of it.
  • - Typical transit times to popular destinations can be as low as 48 hours (Europe, USA, Canada included).
  • - Very fast service, ideal for small to medium parcels.
  • - Although we do not guarantee it, the large majority of parcels sent to Europe and the USA achieve next working day delivery.
  • - Extra Cover is available is available through Postage Supermarket, which further protects your delivery up to the value of £2,500.

Frequently asked questions about sending to Guernsey

Below we have answered some questions that are frequently asked by people considering sending packages to Guernsey.

Is postage to Guernsey the same as the UK?

If you're attempting to post a parcel to guernsey you cannot use UK postage stamps and vice versa if you are sending a package to the UK. The only similarity is that both the UK and Guernsey use the same format for addresses.

How do I avoid customs fees in Guernsey?

Guernsey is only 70 miles away from the UK's coast. Unfortunately, because the Channel Islands, including Guernsey, are not part of the United Kingdom most packages will still need to be passed through their customs checks. There is a legal requirement to have customs documentation however we can support you in attaining these documents.

Can you send alcohol to Guernsey?

There are additional restrictions for some liquids, such as alcohol and paints. The items will need to be securely packaged in leak-proof liners, such as a sealed plastic bag made of polythene material. This is to stop and contain any possible leakage. You will need to also consider the alcohol percentage which needs to be less than 24%.