Labelling a Parcelforce Parcel

We understand that labelling your parcel(s) can be a daunting process, but we're here to make it as straightforward as possible with our advice and examples of labels.

The service you have selected and the destination of your parcel will determine what labels and documents you require.

In order for Parcelforce to scan your goods easily, please ensure that the bar code label is not creased or covered in any way by packing tape. Please sign the CN23 and Commercial Invoices, in the spaces indicated and attach these to the outside of your box

Below are a few more details for specific services. Documents indicated with a * must be attached to your parcel(s):

UK Service

  • Barcode Label (Drop Off Only services)*
  • Address Label*
  • Customer Receipt (2 copies proof of postage), alternatively the drop off point may provide you with a printed receipt.
  • Invoice for your accounts

EU Destinations excluding UK

  • Barcode Label*
  • GLS Label (used for some EU countries)*
  • Address Label*
  • Customer Receipt (2 copies proof of postage)
  • Invoice for your accounts

NON EU Countries

  • Barcode Label (Drop Off Only services)*
  • Address Label*
  • CN23*
  • Commercial Invoice*
  • Customer Receipt (2 copies proof of postage)
  • Invoice for your accounts


                          ""           "" ""

                         ""          ""




If you are sending between EU countries you will not require any customs paperwork.

List of EU Countries:- Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Territories and countries commonly confused as being in the EU:Channel Islands, Canary Islands, Gibraltar and northern Cyprus, these will require Customs documents.

Some counties have their own requirements for specific goods. Please check with the relevant Countries customs agency if you have any concerns.


Parcelforce labels checklist

Choose the services you need

Depending on the service you're looking for, Parcelforce are there to cater for you.

UK services include: Timed Next Day (parcel received by 9 am, 10 am or noon), Next Day (by close of business) and a 2 Day service.

The international service includes: From Next Day (next business day to the USA, Canada & Europe and two business days elsewhere), From 3 Days (3 business days to Europe) and Great Value (4 business day shipping).

Print labels

Manage your delivery with a unique tracking number given to you with a Parcelforce label, allowing you to keep an eye on where your parcel is in its shipping process.

With both a Parcelforce label and your own labels ensure there are no creases to any of the barcodes that may cause issues in tracking the items. Another crucial aspect of the labels on your parcel is to steer clear of any tape or packaging film that could obstruct the barcode in any way.

Write your details

Include as many details as possible for the sender of any parcels, including but not limited to: sender's name, postcode, delivery address and contact number(s).

Doing this prevents any unreached goods from being left stranded as Parcelforce will send any non-collected items back to the sender after 20 days.

Complete customs documents

To ship a parcel outside of the EU requires additional documents that are easily accessible through the Parcelforce Worldwide website.

Some parcels require a commercial invoice in order to be delivered, this can be retrieved by filling out the relevant customs documents for your parcel. You would use a commercial invoice if your parcels contained goods of commercial value, otherwise, you would create a Pro-forma invoice for items with no commercial value.

All documents must contain details of the parcel's contents, the value and weight of the items alongside sender and recipient contact information.

Send your parcel online or at your local post office

If you can't post your parcel online, Parcelforce is available at your local post office, and to make life a little easier over 4,000 branches are now open on a Sunday.

To send your parcel to either of these places you will need to start by selecting which tracking service you would like. Is the parcel in urgent need of reaching somebody? Perhaps a Timed Next Day service would be your preference. Sending a birthday gift to an overseas friend? Maybe opt for the Great Value International service which will see the items land on their doorstep within 4 business days.

If you're sending a package online you'll need a Parcelforce account created first, after this you'll select your delivery service and attach a Parcelforce label that comes with a unique tracking number.

Alongside shipping your goods, it's good to remember they'll also accept deliveries if you're not at home.

If you need international services:

Searching for an international courier? Parcelforce tailor each parcel they ship specifically to the sender's needs.

There are so many incomparable choices to choose from and a selection of speeds to get your items to their location:

  • - Global Express - from next business day
  • - Global Priority - from 3 business days
  • - Global Value - from 5-8 business days
  • - Global Economy - 28-46 days
  • - Ireland Express - next business day

Each service comes with a Parcelforce label to track your items the moment you ship them.

Why choose Parcelforce?

Why wouldn't you? With over 25 years of experience, it's a no brainer to choose Parcelforce Worldwide for secure and reliant shipping of your parcels.

Using the Parcelforce online service gives you the freedom to manage all of your parcels in one place, with tracking and shipping information only a click away. You'll need to create an account before you can manage your parcels, but that only takes a matter of seconds.

Looking for a quick quote? No account is needed to do this, just pop in your shipping details and away you go!