Parcelforce Large 24 Service

This service offers next working day delivery throughout the UK for oversized parcels that don't fit within the parameters of the standard Parcelforce 24 service. This makes it an ideal choice for urgent deliveries of large parcels. However, that delivery window is not guaranteed as exterior factors out of our control may affect the delivery process.

Furthermore, their liability cover protects you against loss or damage up to £50. You can also take out our specialised Extra Cover to give more protection for valuable items up to the value of £2,500.

Parcels can weigh up to 28kg, be up to 250cm in length and the combined length and girth cannot exceed 500cm. Please ensure all large parcels are well-packaged, using sturdy materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes. Use thick, protective internal packaging such as polystyrene surrounds or strong airbags for additional protection and peace of mind.

The service is fully tracked, with updates available throughout your large parcel's journey. This is a collection only service; book before noon and your parcel may be collected on the same working day.

Low Rates for Large Parcel Delivery

Sending large parcels doesn't have to be stressful and expensive anymore, especially not when you book through Postage Supermarket. Our partnership with Parcelforce means that we can offer discounted rates that are even cheaper than going to Parcelforce directly. Book with us below to take advantage of these great rates: