Parcelforce Mailhouse Tracking

Parcelforce Mailhouse services come with full tracking for your parcel. This means that even the most paranoid people can feel comfortable knowing exactly where their parcel is throughout the sending process.

Once your parcel has been processed at our sorting hub in Dover, you will be sent your second leg tracking information via email. While all the companies we work with strive to deliver their parcels on time, being able to track them like this provides an additional peace of mind that makes deliveries so much more relaxing and easy.

Tracking number details

For UK tracking, they follow two set formats:

  • 2 letters and then 7 numbers
  • 4 letters and then 10 numbers

For international tracking of imports, they follow one set format:

  • 2 letters and then 2 numbers, ending with 2 letters

For international tracking of exports, they follow two set formats:

  • 2 letters and then 9 numbers, ending with GB
  • 12 numbers

Track your Parcel

For the UK journey to our sorting hub, you will be able to track your parcel on Parcelforce's site here.