TNT Saturday Delivery

Even if you're just receiving a parcel from a friend, weekday deliveries aren't always convenient. People can't simply stay at home to wait for a parcel throughout the week, and so deliveries inevitably end up getting missed. By booking a Saturday delivery with TNT you'll avoid this problem. This is a fast and reliable next-day service, which means it's also a great choice for urgent deliveries that can't wait until Monday.

The time cannot be guaranteed as external factors out of our control may affect the delivery. However, the 70+ years of experience that TNT have makes them incredibly reliable, so you can trust they'll make that Saturday window.

An additional surcharge will be applied to Saturday deliveries, however this will be refunded if the weekend delivery is not made. This is a collection-only service and courier collections will need to be booked for the Friday before to ensure that the parcel arrives on time. Parcels can be delivered to the majority of the UK on a Saturday; however, some remote areas may not be covered.

Cover and Tracking Details

There is NO standard transit cover from TNT, and TNT will only open a claim for loss, not damage. If you need protection for more valuable items, take out our Extra Cover add-on which protects against both damage and loss for items up to £2,500 in value.

Comprehensive tracking is also included with every TNT order. This is great for people that don't like the guessing that can sometimes come with waiting for a delivery, trying to predict when it's going to arrive. Tracking means that you'll know where the parcel is, every step of the way.

Best Prices for Saturday Deliveries

At Postage Supermarket, we're proud to partner with a company as prestigious as TNT. Due to this relationship, we have a key account with them which means we can offer much more affordable rates for Saturday deliveries by passing on discounts to our customers. Get a quote by filling in the form below: