How To Create The Perfect Amazon Product Listing

When it comes to your online business, it’s incredibly important that you know exactly how to create a successful product listing for your platform. Whether you’re using Etsy, Shopify, Ebay or Amazon, there will be different steps you need to take to ensure your product listing is fully optimised and eye-catching. We’ve put together a series of guides to help you make the most of your personal choice of E-commerce platform and put together the perfect product listing. In this article, we will be focusing on Amazon, taking you through the process of creating a successful Amazon product listing. 

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Listings

When selling a product on Amazon, there is quite a lot of information you need to include in your listing. The Amazon ad acts as a window display for your product, enticing users to purchase based on the information they’re provided with. It also needs to match the user’s intent, basically – what it is they’re searching for.


When you’re selling a product on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is create a new listing. If you’re the first person selling a particular product in the marketplace, then you create your own unique listing. If there are multiple merchants selling the product already, then you will share an Amazon listing with them. 

To create a new product listing: 

  1. Log into your seller central dashboard.
  2. Go up to the menu option and hover your mouse over where it says ‘inventory’. A menu should appear with an option that says add a product. 
  3. When you reach the product creation page, you’re then given the option to either select an existing product or make your own. For a unique product, click on the ‘create a new listing’ choice.


This step is the most important part. Entering your description images, product title and description is what can make the difference between someone clicking and buying your product, or scrolling and searching elsewhere. You need to make sure the text is engaging but informative and you should also include USPs and trust indicators so that people are persuaded into buying your product.

What Makes A Perfect Amazon Product Listing?

Creating a perfect product listing as an Amazon seller consists of a combination of SEO-driven keywords to help position your product high in search results and captivating copy to persuade users to purchase your item. Consider the following when creating an Amazon product listing if you want to drive sales:

  • Optimised copy for SEO purposes:

Including target keywords in your product title gives it a better chance of appearing higher in Amazon’s search results. Make sure you don’t overload your listing with keywords though as this appears spammy, instead use variations of your target keywords and distribute these consistently and evenly. We recommend including target keywords two to three times within your listing and aim to spread them out every 100 to 200 words. 

  • An in-depth, informative product description:

Your product description needs to be accurate as buyers can file an Amazon A to Z guarantee claim if your product doesn’t accurately match its description. 

You need to not only include the basic information about your product but also consider the buyers’ motivations. Think about why they may be looking for this particular product, and highlight the benefits they would gain from buying the item. Tap into their emotional need for the product, and position yourself as the customer to create copy that will not only capture their attention but will also convert.

  • Easy to read and scannable format:

No buyer is going to read your entire listing, so it’s important that you separate the most important USPs or pieces of information about your product into five bullet points. These are typically positioned at the top of every Amazon listing as they are easy for buyers to scan. Put your most interesting/useful information here. 

  • Eye-catching  images and visuals: 

Nobody goes into a shop and focuses on the label first, they are attracted to the product visually. You need to draw attention to your product with a clear, bright and high-quality image of the product.

Notice how in this product listing, the most important information has been displayed in the bullet points, with certain words and phrases being capitalised to stand out.

Top Tips For Catching Your Customer’s Attention


When it comes to catching your customer’s attention, you need to not only follow the above format for your Amazon product listing, but you also need to do the below for maximum impact: 

  • When writing your bullet points, include your product’s best attribute in the first bullet point. If your first bullet point isn’t interesting, your buyer will likely stop reading further. Highlight your product’s absolute best feature and position it at the very beginning of your listing to grasp potential customer’s attention. 

  • Although Amazon’s description formatting is fairly restrictive, you should aim to make your main USPs stand out by writing them in all caps. This is a great way to make those specific product features stand out more. 
  • Try to keep your bullet points concise and to the point. You don’t want to lose the buyer’s attention by writing lengthy sentences that simply aren’t necessary. Include only essential product information and use a bullet length of one line – two max. 


Visuals are hugely important when selling any product as our brains are naturally programmed to gravitate towards visuals over text. We’ve put together the below tips for implementing images into your product listing on Amazon. 

  • Make sure your photos are high-resolution. Amazon recommends making your product photos at least 1,000 pixels in either width or height. 
  • Don’t just have one image available, include multiple photos so that customers can get a clear idea of what your product is offering. 
  • Use a photo editing app or software to brighten your images and reduce any shadows to make your product stand out.