Outstanding Delivery: Finding The UK’s Best Postmen and Women

We’re running a competition to find the UK’s best delivery man or woman – and we need your help. 

Our posties have been keeping us

While COVID-19 means we’re staying at home more than ever, they’re going from door to door – delivering everything from essentials like food and toilet roll to things that just make life a little nicer, like new clothes or gadgets.

For example, to meet the increase in demand, Tesco has had to more than double the amount of delivery slots available; from 590,000 before the outbreak, to 1.2 million in April.

Not only have they been putting their lives at risk, they’ve been doing it all with a big smile.

We think that’s something to celebrate.

Stories like this have come out from all over the country. (Source: Evening Standard)

That’s why we’re running a competition to find the UK’s best delivery man or woman.

Hopefully you agree that these special people deserve some recognition for their work and spirit, because we need your help. We need everyone reading this to nominate a delivery man/woman so we can truly find the UK’s best postie – they’re not exactly going to nominate themselves!

Below, you can find the steps for our competition, from the nomination to the results:

Step One

Speak to the delivery man or woman that you want to nominate and if they’re on board with it, take a photo of them to submit!

Step One

Step Two

Fill in the form below with information about you and them, attach the picture and send it off!

Step Two

Step Three

We’ll assemble all of the nominations and present them all here on Postage Supermarket! 

Step Three

Step Four

The public can then vote for which delivery man or woman they like the most. Then, we can officially announce the winner!

Step Four

The entry form for submitting someone can be found below:

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I do this while remaining safe?

Yes, we wouldn’t be running this competition if we didn’t believe that people could remain safe. Speaking to the delivery man/woman and photographing them can all be done from a safe distance. You can even leave a sign for your postie telling them that you want to speak to them and nominate them for this. We’re sure they’ll be thrilled! 

Am I allowed to nominate multiple people?

Yes, you are welcome to nominate more than one person. We only ask that you don’t nominate one person multiple times.

Can I nominate someone on behalf of someone else?

We understand that some of our older or less tech-literate members of the public may not be able to enter the competition easily. For that reason, you can fill out the form on behalf of other people and get other people to complete the form for you.

When will the nominations be shared and voting begin?

Based on the rate at which we get entries, we will decide to stop entries when we feel like everyone that people want to nominate has been nominated. Then, we will present all of the people that have been nominated and open them up to a public vote.  

When will the winners be announced?

A closing date has yet to be announced. When we feel enough people have seen the competition is live and entries are slowing down, then we will know that most of the country have seen it and will be happy to close voting. Those that entered will be notified via email.

I want to cover this in the press or on my blog, how can you help?

We have put together a package of free-to-use images in the Google Drive folder here, which we encourage you to use on your website. If you want any quotes or have any questions, please email us at competitions@postagesupermarket.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

This is a cause we really believe in and we hope you share the same enthusiasm to highlight the people going the extra mile in a time like this.

Even if you’re not nominating someone yourself, we likely all have a friend or relative who has mentioned their delivery man or woman doing something selfless to cheer people up at a time like this. Feel free to share this with them and tune in when we reveal the people we can vote for in a few weeks time!