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Cheap postal rates for Parcel Delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any difficulties, this section may help you.  If you do not find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.
Q. Where can I drop my parcel off when using one of your "Drop Off" services?
A. You can find a list of all the drop off points near a certain postcode by using our drop off locator - it's on the left hand side on the homepage!
Q. Can I specify a collection time for your courier collect services?
A. No. You can only specify a collection date. No specific times are available Your collection can be anytime up to 7pm on the date you request, although most collections occur between 12pm and 5pm.
Q. Can you deliver items to the UK from abroad?
A. Yes this is possible. All you need to do is. Simply select which country you wish your goods are to be collected from in the quick quote section, fill in and complete the parcel details and you will to get a price.
Q. Do you only deliver boxes?
A. We can offer you a service to deliver most items . Our Service can deliver most items. If the our website does not give you a price due to your consignment being too large or heavy, please contact us through our contact form and our special services team will contact you.
Q. Will postagesupermarket contact me if my collection fails?
A. Postagesupermarket is only a postage broker. We are not the collecting agent. Postagesupermarket is the broker, not the collecting agent. In the rare event of a failed collection, please contact us. We will then re book your collection for a time convenient for you. Please contact us if your collection fails. This is a very rare event, however if it does occur, we will re book your collection for when is convenient for you.
Q. What is classed as a prohibited item?
A. Please see our Prohibited Items list. If you are still not sure unsure about the item you are wishing to sending, please contact us using the contact form.
Q. Will I have to pay customs charges when I send a consignment?
A. Generally, the recipient person who you are sending your goods to is liable for any customs charges. If there are any duties to be paid, the customs authorities in the country you are sending to will contact the receiver, and will normally generally hold the parcel until the duties have been paid received. Postagesupermarket have no involvement in this process.
Q. How can I help my parcel clear customs easily?
A. Ensure that you fully describe your parcel on your commercial invoice.
  • Ensure the commercial invoices are signed.
  • Provide full information of the recipient. ie, Name, Address, Email, Telephone.
  • Ensure that the declared value is the same on the Docket and Commercial invoice.
  • Ensure you attach 5 copies of the Commercial Invoice to the consignment.
  • You must make sure that you have been as descriptive as possible when describing your product on your commercial invoices.
  • Make sure your commercial invoices are signed.
  • Provide as much information about the receiver as possible, i.e contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Always make sure that the declared value on the docket is the same as the declared value on the commercial invoice
  • Always make sure 5 copies of your commercial invoice are attached to the consignment.
Q. My consignment has arrived damaged. What do I do?
A. In this instance Please see our Insurance and Terms and Conditions pages for all the details you will need to process your claim. Remember that TNT will not cover damage to parcels, only loss.
Q. I do not like booking online; can I do it over the phone?
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to take bookings over the phone.
If postagesupermarket offers you a service for your parcel when you get a quote, you must book the collection online. In order to keep prices down, we are unable to take bookings over the phone.
In the rare instance that the website does not offer you a price, please contact our special services team via the contact form, and they will contact you.
Q. Do Why do I need a printer?
A. Once your consignment has been booked for collection Postagesupermarket will send all the paperwork you need via email.
You will need to print this off on good quality paper and attach to your parcel following the instructions given.
Q. I placed my order 2 hours ago and still have no email with dockets attached?
A. Your email with your documents attached will always be sent to you within 12 hours of you making your order on weekdays, and 48 hours if ordering at weekends or bank holidays. If you have made a booking before 11.30am on a normal working day, and requested a same day collection for the same day, then you should receive your email within an hour. If you do not receive your email within these time frames, please contact us using the contact forms.
Q. I'm not sure of the exact weight and size of my parcel?
A. Please do not place your order if you are unsure of the weight or size of your consignment. If you enter the wrong details at the time of ordering, you will be charged the extra additional postage cost and an additional administration fee of £15.00 plus VAT.
Q. How should I package my item?
A. Your consignment must be professionally packaged and boxed. If the driver is not happy with the packaging, he/she can refuse to take your consignment. Please see our Packaging Advice page for details.
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