Cheap postal rates for Parcel Delivery
Cheap postal rates for Parcel Delivery
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How To Pack A Parcel - Packing Advice For Parcels

Packing Advice for Safe Deliverycheap discounted delivery and collection of worldwide parcels How to Pack Your Consignment Professionally...

Any consignment sent via postagesupermarket must be packed to a professional standard. If these guidelines are not adhered to, any claim you may need to make may be invalid.
couriered deliveries

fully trackable deliveries worldwide What You Must Do....
worldwide delivery of parcels packages goods Check on any prohibitions or restrictions on goods.
postage rates offered around the world Use a strong outer container such as a corrugated fibreboard carton with a quality kraft outer liner.
discounted courier postage across the globe Put protective wrapping around each individual item.
cheap imports Use expanded polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam, bubble plastic, crumpled aircushions or shredded paper to cushion fragile items. Ensure that polyblock surrounds are used on all electrical items.
cheap import from usa Seal top and bottom of cartons with an 'H' seal using 48mm or 50mm wide plastic or reinforced carton sealing tape.
cheap import from china Strap (with non-metallic strapping if possible) and tape large or heavy items, and use an outer carton strong enough to withstand fully tensioned strapping.
discounted international postage rates Include the sender's address on the outer carton/wrapper, and inside the package.
cheap shipping costs When transporting electrical items – i.e. laptops, DVD players etc – please ensure they have the original manufacturer’s transport screws properly secured so that elements/components do not move.
discounted domestic shipping Please ensure that all liquids are tightly sealed in containers to prevent leakage, and all thick liquids i.e. grease are wrapped in grease proof paper to prevent damage to other consignments.

highlands and islands rates discounted
channel islands cheap shipping What You Must NOT Do...
parcel to usa Don't use substandard or damaged cartons.
discount couriers offering worldwide rates Don't allow contents to move within their packaging.
discount shipping costs Don't allow fragile items inside a package to touch each other.
cheaper shipping costs Don't use domestic adhesive tape.
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