Cheap postal rates for Parcel Delivery
Cheap postal rates for Parcel Delivery
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Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items.

All of our services shall not be required or caused to carry or convey anything if such carriage or conveyance would be unlawful. 

Please be advised that our couriers are unable to transit the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to safety concerns, until further notice.

The following items are prohibited from shipment with all our services.   If any of these items are sent, you should expect surcharges, delays or confiscation by authorities where appropriate. 
These items are not covered by any form of transit cover.   If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your goods to our services, please contact us via our contact form before placing your order.
Any consignment sent via postagesupermarket must be packed to a professional standard.
Please see our Packing advice page for guidance.
If these guidelines are not adhered to, any claim you may need to make may be invalid.
Discounted imports to the UK from all over the world  Batteries, or items containing Batteries
Discounted imports to the UK from all over the world  Dense goods that can not be identified through screening, items which typically cause issues include: lead, lead glass, machinery and car parts, some jewellery, metal mesh, bowling balls etc.
import from china  Magnets
import from south korea  Segway/ Hoverboards
import from south korea  Liquids of any variety, including make-up such as mascara and lip gloss, shower gel, lotions and creams
import from south korea  Glass or items containing glass
import from south korea  Flammable Liquids / lighters / Perfume / Aftershave / Nail Varnish / Nail Varnish Remover / Adhesives / Paint.
import from south korea  Furniture (unless flatpacked) / Mattresses
import from south korea  White goods (fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, microwaves etc)
import from south korea  Any type of toner or ink cartridge for photocopiers, printers, fax machines or any other machine of this type.
import from south korea  Fire Extinguishers / Pressurised containers (deodorant etc) / Aerosol Cans / Inflated Tyres / Airbags / Engines or car parts containing any trace of oil.
import from south korea  Animal skins / furs / Ivory and ivory products
import from south korea  Dangerous goods / Hazardous materials / Fireworks
import from south korea  Firearms / Imitation Weapons or munitions / Knives / Swords
import from south korea  Plants / Seeds / Live animals
import from south korea  Pornography
import from south korea  Passports / Birth certificates / Money / Negotiable items / Payment cards
import from south korea  Tobacco and tobacco products / Drugs / Medicines / Alcohol, including wine.
import from south korea  Goods moving under ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports
import from south korea  Goods moving under FCR, FCT and CAD (Cash Against Document).
import from south korea  Shipments with inherent vice, which by their nature are likely to soil, impair or damage persons, merchandise or equipment.
import from south korea  Goods, the carriage of which is prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit or destination (eg. Ivory and ivory products), goods which attract excise duty (eg. Spirits) or which require special facilities, safety precautions or permits.
import from south korea  Under applicable law, certain goods may be transported only under prescribed conditions and certain goods are prohibited from transportation by air (eg. Liquids in glass containers).

Specific to CollectPlus, but not exclusive to them
package sent from usa to uk  CollectPlus will not carry gases, pyrotechnics, arms and ammunition or corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, oxidising or radioactive materials or any other noxious, dangerous or hazardous goods or goods likely to cause damage.
package sent from usa to uk  CollectPlus will not, without specific written agreement, carry works of art, artwork, musical instruments, ceramics, deeds, tender documents, documents of every kind including passports, stamps, securities, vouchers, money, prescribed drugs, precious metals, livestock, liquids, foodstuffs, perishable goods, glass, bullion, coins, precious stones, fossils, stoneware, resin items, amber, composites, valuable jewellery, valuable antiques or plants or plant seeds or derivatives

Specific to TNT, but not exclusive to them
package sent from usa to uk  TNT will not carry Televisions / Plasma and TFT screens, Ladders, Canoes / Kayaks, real Christmas Trees, Tyres, Un-boxed Furniture, Mattresses, Un-wrapped Metal, Engines, Live Animals, Fireworks, Firearms, Tyres within the UK and Wheels if not boxed.
package sent from usa to uk  TNT will not carry large gym equipment - for example treadmills or rowing machines.

Specific to ParcelForce, but not exclusive to them
package sent from usa to uk  ParcelForce will not carry car bumpers/spoilers/body panels.
Restricted Items.

The following items are restricted and are and sent at your own risk. These items are not covered for loss or damage with any of our couriers and Extra Cover does not cover these items for loss or damage.

package sent from usa to uk Articles of exceptional value – i.e. Works of art, Antiques, Precious Stones, Jewellery, Perishable goods
package sent from usa to uk Electrical goods that are deemed as "not working" on arrival are excluded from our Extra Cover as it cannot be proven that the item(s) were working on despatch.
Documentation, coursework or paperwork of any variety
package sent from usa to uk "Breakable" plastic items (such as plastic lenses, car headlamps etc) cannot be covered for damage
package sent from usa to uk Electrical items- For example but not exclusively: Televisions, Plasma and TFT screens, Laptops, Computers, Monitors, PDAs, Mobile Telephones, I-PODS, Computer Software, Computer Chips, CPUs, Circuit Boards 
package sent from usa to uk Ceramic / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Porcelain etc.
package sent from usa to uk Fibreglass Products
package sent from usa to uk Unaccompanied Baggage / Suitcases - THESE ITEMS MUST BE BOXED IF SENT VIA OUR COURIERS.
package sent from usa to uk Ceramic / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Porcelain/ Acrylic and such like materials
package sent from usa to uk Baby formula sent to China maybe destroyed by customs.  In this event we will not be able to claim for loss.
package sent from usa to uk Any food items to USA MUST be accompanied by FDA forms. Contact us for details.
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